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Call for contributions

NOTE: We don’t accept contributions for 2012 anymore, the deadline has passed since 15 July. Sorry!

we’re currently organising the second Fanzines! Festival, it will take place this fall in the 20th district of Paris. The central point of the festival will be the Marguerite Duras Public Library, just like last year.

Again, we’re preparing an exhibition of fanzines and self-published books from all over the world, which will last over the course of the whole festival (three weeks; to see what it looked like last year click here). The idea is for you to send us a copy of one or several of your fanzines/publications, together with the filled-out participant form, which we will exhibit from 17 october to 4 november 2012. The exhibition will be seen by a large and diverse public – that of the public library as well as that of the festival. After the exhibition, your zine will become part of the collection of the library and can be checked out or read by anyone interested. It will also appear in the catalogue of the public libraries of Paris.


  • Send us one or several zines of your production (one copy per publication is sufficient)
  • We’ll exhibit it for three weeks in Paris, where it will be visible to a large audience.
  • Your zine will be part of the collection of the Public Library afterwards and can be checked out/consulted by anyone interested.



  • 15 July 2012 (postal stamp)


  • Send your zines to:


    51, rue Pixérécourt

    75020 Paris


Become a part of the second Fanzines! Festival in Paris! And if you don’t live too far away, come visit Paris in October to see your Zine exhibited together with others from around the world! There will also be other exhibitions & events, more information soon to follow.

Thank you in advance for the contributions! See you in Paris this October!

The team from Papier Gaché / Fanzines! Festival

Romina Pelagatti, Eglantine Ruault, Bastien Contraire, Volker Zimmermann


17 october – 4 november 2012

Festival for self-published books & zines, organised by PAPIER GACHE at The Marguerite Duras Public Library

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