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Psycho Moto Zine #18, Marissa Bea & others.
Psycho Moto Zine #19, Megan Hanford & others.
Psycho Moto Zine #20, Ethan Minsker & others.

Afraid of the dark, Ethan Minsker & Un lee.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

Bloc-Notes, Geneviève Hergott. Hic sunt leones, Edouard Baribeaud

Bambi #1

Fun with Numbers, Bummers for Breakfast

Lurkin Hard, Adán De La Garza

Os musculos nao tem para onde ir, Joana Figueira Pires.

Noitadas, deprès & bubas, Marcos Farrajota.

Squame/Écailles #2 & #3, collective

Psoriasis #5, collective

A big Thank You to everyone who has sent us their publications for this year’s exhibition of fanzines! We have received over 500 publications from thirty countries, for example from Japan, Germany, Chile, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Lithuania, China, Italy, Canada, Poland and many others.

The deadline has now passed since 15 July, and we do not accept any new contributions anymore. Sorry if you missed the date, but be sure to send us your zines next year, we’d be happy to exhibit them!

We hope that many of you will come to see the exhibition at the Marguerite Duras Public Library in the 20th district in Paris. It will be open to the public starting Saturday, 20 October 2012.

As last year, we’re going to publish images of all the received contributions on this website, so keep watching this space over the weeks to come!